The Euro Consult Credit intends to your firm for resolve the problem of the recovery credits in definitive manner.

We know that your have more and more times discussed the problem of creditsą recpvery and you tryed with your staff with any result, and weasting time and money.

When you give somebody a credit, you make his life easier, but very often you make more difficult your own life.

Our society is able to face and resolve each problem in the field of the recovery credits it is in national circle that European, with a dense net of collectors and correspondents. Today, thanks to our particular offer, you can verify the our work without other costs. Our service donn't stop here, infact you ha to pay only 13% of credits' recovery. If credits' recovery has no positive result, will give you the documentation in order to close the file with any costs.
(your cost is only L.20.000 for the
postal expenses)